Saturday, January 17, 2009


OK, so here it comes! My first attempt at 'blogging' the way bloggers are supposed to. I mean mostly in a blog you'd expect to find candid stuff from the blogger's life; not mine :( I am pretty lousy when it comes to that candid stuff. I am happy in my dreams weaving vignettes from life with the contents of a filmy (as in seen through a film; no bollywood please) bubble. 

But, this time round I feel like giving candid a shot. I was taught and brought up to behave nicely with people, especially with those who are elder to me. Never a beliver in any kind of protocol, I somehow had always abided by this one. Another one, never be rude to people. Blugger!

I have always had more than a soft corner for window seats. I make it  a point to reach the airport on time, so I can ask the person at the boarding counter for a window seat. This time too, I was there a good hour and a half before take-off to secure my window seat. Having secured that, I spent the rest of my time at the bookstore browsing through over-priced good-for-nothing coffee-table books written by equally good-for-nothing socialites.

On boarding the flight, and being greeted with the trained smiles of the flight attendents, I make my way to 26 F. There are a couple elderly guys sitting in 26F and E. I politely ask the dignified looking man in F," excuse me, that's my seat." He gives me a smug smile and replies with a question: "Do you have any problem sitting there at the aisle seat?" I reply with the practised smile my profession has taught me to use against rude people and prettly clearly put it "I prefer a window seat, so I came early..." He gives me an infurating smile and says, "All seats come for the same fare. Just sit on." !!!

Not stopping at that, he turns to the man in E and says, "this is his seat, so I asked if he has a problem sitting at mine." I try and take it off my mind and concentrate on the Hindi movie playing on the monitor in front of me. After snacks is served, one of the flight-attendents come with a feedback form, and extend it to the man in E with a practised saccharine sweet smile, " would you like to give us some feedback, sir?" Response: He opens his eyes, looks at the attendent as if she's a detergent salesgirl and waves his hand at an invisible fly.

I am astounded at the way these 'elders' travelling on a premier airline are setting examples of proper behavior for us 'youngsters.' We are rude, disrespectful, insolent, bla bla and what a fine example these 'gentlemen' were! 

I have made up my mind. I'm going to give it back to people who deserve it! Next time, I'm not going to go to the attendent and say sorry on behalf of others. I am going to turn around and say Blugger! No excusing someone for their age, just get up and vacate my seat, "yes I have a problem." Blugger!!!