Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lost in the forest

A whiff of a familiar scent and touch that tells you a lot more

Than an entire website

Are things that allow me to travel back like a flip chart 

To an age free of appearances

Lost in a strange forest with no foot tracks to guide me

I grope my way through.


I hear the sound of broken twigs cracking under my feet like

A mad drummer out of rhythm

Endless series of cobwebs brush against my face, I stare

At the vicious spiders,

Dark, poisonous, and full of guile, they give me the creeps

But I move on braving them.


It’s pointless to think of cleanliness in this state, but still

I try to keep the cobwebs away

From my thoughts and that inner core of belief that keeps

Me going through anything

I close my eyes and do the flip chart; there I am back in the light

Here I am back in the light.

And I look back at the foot track I have created.