Sunday, March 1, 2009

You and I

I've lost count of the times that I tried
To give vent to my thoughts and cough up
Or maybe, tweak and turn it a little
Flirting with the flitting words that I 
Always wanted to say

Call it providence, sloth or guile, what you will
I know it's not fair, not done.
Why couldn't you? Just say it!
Yes, it's not like it has to be creative
Or perfect. Just plain stupid would do!

Why does it alwyas have to be like this
I mean some things are better felt
Than 'said.' Anyways, I bet she knows!
Does she? Oh wouldn't she have...
Nopes, she won't. I have to...

So, here it goes. "You know what..."
And the rest is...well, if not history
Something no one remembers for sure.
Don't! Oh please, now they wouldn't agree
But you see, that doesn't matter anymore

The truth is there for all the world to see.


loveena moses said...

Funny n Nice!! n SOOO typical of "MEN" .. Wonder what ur girl said?

shuchi said...

now that I've read it twice, I have gained some comprehension. It is clearly more comprehensible than some of the earlier ones that made me think I was absolutely brain/heartless (or whatever it takes to understand poetry;)

Coming to this one, it's nice and light and fun. I'm wondering, however, why this theme (should I/should I not?) at this (u know which;) stage of your life

sam@leisure said...

it's a that necessarily happened in the the same time keeps happening all the time. It's just the characters that keep changing :)...therefore, this story 'at this stage of my(? :) life...the way you fondly look back at some phase of your life...and think really? that was how I behaved? But it's ok...everything has its own charm

Thangjam said...

this speaks volumes about communication or the lack of male friends typically expect their girls to just "know" that they care, without having to express that from time to time. But we girls, i think, love the mushy talk from time to time :) spite of knowing that our Significant Others do care

Vaishali Sabhahit said...

+ 1 at Shuchi!

I had to read it twice too. And I am proud to announce that I understand!

:) Very well expressed, Sammy boy!